How to paste decals.

How to paste decals.

This tecnique requires using decals which slide off in water.

Decals can be easily pasted on with water, however this also makes the surface weak.
For a long lasting finish, use a hobby-purpose solvent for top coat.

What to prepair:

For topcoat:

Each hobby supply maker has a varaity of items.
Items are available at hobby stores and each Azone store (with a few exceptions).

Other requirements:
・water ・small plate ・tissue ・small painting brush
・cutter or craft knife ・tweezers ・q-tip

Thinners such as "Mr.COLOR THINNER"will come in handy when cleaning head before attaching decal and to wipe off decal if you need to.

1. Cut out decal.
If the clear parts are not completely coated, it can cause the decal to get sticky from the extra humidity. Cutting out as close to the printing with a craft knife is recomended.

For beginners, try cutting out blank parts of the decal sheat and practice pasting on to head. The decal can be easily wipped off with thinner.

2. Soak decal in small dish filled with water for aprox 30 sec.
Do not soak for too long, the gule will melt out from the cardboard.

3. Paint " Mr. MARK SETTER" on head.
This is the base coat.
Wipe head with thinner before hand to remove oil.

4. Pick up decal with tweezers and set on head.
If you want to set decal along a curved surface, paint "Mr.MARK SOFTENER" and blend the decal with a damp q-tip before the decal dries.

5. Wipe off dampness with q-tip.
Keep calm even if you see bubbles in the decal.
Roll out slowly with a damp q-tip or poke a small hole in the decal with a needle and let the air out.

6. A little makeup makes a big difference!
A little blush with wheathering powder or plastel (not oil based) colors gives the doll a deeper expression.
Adding eyelashes or highlights can also bring out personality.

7. To protect decal and makeup, finish with a matte topcoat.
If you do not have space to use a spray can, or if you are worried that the pressure of the spray might mess up the decal, we recomend painting the top coat with a brush.

8.You are done!
To prevent damage of the decal, do not warp head as much as possible.
Cutting a slit in the neck hole before hand will make it easier to connect and disconnect from body.

Special thanks: AZONE Labelshop AKIHABARA.